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It was the fall of 2016. Every year, Intellect students received Christmas presents. This year, however, they would do something different. With joint efforts and great joy, the children of “Intellect” made gifts and cards for children in homes. There were so many tears of happiness this Christmas that it was more than clear that we could not stop here. That is why we launched the initiative next year. We were joined by the digital agency Xplora and Netpeak, as well as many of our friends. We tripled the cards and gifts, we tripled the funds raised. We helped three times as many people and did three times as much good.

The founders of the initiative are Georgi Malchev and Vanya Ananieva. And how many characters there are in this story … It’s not just the Xplora and Intellect teams. So far, there are over 1,500 people who have taken an active part in Предай нататък It On. Large and small companies supported the homes with donations, schools organized workshops in support of the initiative, hundreds of people personally wrote cards for each person in the homes.

Do you know how it feels when you walk into a nursing home and find out that their children have long since forgotten about them? When you find out that the house does not have the means to buy detergents and there is nothing to wash clothes with. When you bring apples and they look at you with bright eyes. When you go to orphans and find that they live in a barn. When a ship’s captain, journalist, writer, architect loses their inner balance and ends up in a home for people with mental disorders … and they no longer have a world for themselves … We hear about these people. Sometimes we read. But to enter their territory and feel the emotion with your whole being – believe me, there are no words to describe it.

That’s why we do it. Every year we pass on more and more people. We create, help, donate, go to the place, hug, talk, cry and laugh.

There is nothing louder than hearing “I wish you could come back.”
And “I’ll see you again, won’t I?”

We help

We try to help more and more people in need in homes all over Bulgaria.

We believe

We believe that it is up to us to make the world a better place.

We take care

We care for disadvantaged and needy people.

We create comfort

We create comfort in the hearts of those in need and the homes they live in.

The world can change if each of us does a little good every day. It is up to us to set a good example. Предай нататък .

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Georgi Malchev and Vanya Ananieva Creators of " Предай нататък "

Be the change you want to see in the world

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Savina Palikareva Tymbark

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Frequently Asked Questions


Each of the causes in a personally selected - by visiting the home, school or other cause. We have been helping some of the causes for another year and so we are making things even more personal for the people we are helping. We always ask in detail what they need specifically and ask if something is not clear to us. Therefore, in each of the causes we can provide specific things that people need. And we can present you in detail what your donations will go for. And of course - what you can personally donate. Therefore, if you want to donate and read, please tell the story of your chosen cause. For example, what the children asked for years ago and said, they have everything. Try not to cry.

For these children, attention and attitude are most important. Or read about the school in Vladislavovo in Varna with children with vision or developmental problems - for the 2019 campaign we decided not only to help the environment, but also to give these children a chance to have skills with which to have better life after time - to be able to make badges, to string jewelry, ... It's hard not to water your eyes. However, you do not want to pass on goodness.

Workshops are a great way for each of us to participate with time, emotion and attention in the initiative - there is the creation of cards, decorated jars, scarves, handmade soap, etc. The products for a workshop are provided by the Pass On initiative. All items and gifts made during the workshops are for donation to the causes. Therefore, if you like something in the workshop itself - you will see leaflets with numbers and hearts. Everything that remains after the workshops we try, and we manage, to hand over against donations. People from the participating companies, as well as people who want to pass them on, donate specific items and gifts.
The workshops are designed to allow everyone to participate - from children to adults. There is a person in charge of each workshop who gives guidance. Please keep in mind that you should be with your children at all times - every moment with them is worth it.
You decide what and how to donate. In the beginning, people could only donate to the workshops, but in 2019 and beyond - good luck at the expense of the foundation. Over the years, many people donated 2 to 5 leva for a card, but some donated 20 leva. Many people with children gave their children to take what they made, and gave them money to donate. You can donate for everything that is made in the workshops. You can give emotion and attitude by writing a card for a specific person from a specific home - you can read the interviews of some of the participants about the emotion to write cards for lonely elderly people. Of course, you can donate by choosing and purchasing specific products from those listed for an active cause - please use the application form so we can plan and help more people. You can also donate to a foundation listed on the site through the following methods, when the donation for the respective cause or campaign is open. And of course - you can also give attention by bringing and donating the gifts you have personally chosen and / or purchased.
Many companies have supported the initiative over the years with donations - Lidl, Medix, Prestige96, LG, Whirlpool and. so called This is how in 2019 many companies donated specific things that we were not asked for by the causes, but which helped to have more donations, or to make happy the people we help. Here's a few examples. Orange Center donated books for the homes, Locus Books donated part of the proceeds from sales of bazaars for Pass On, and Joro Malchev doubled the donated funds. Locus Books brought books to the workshops and everyone could decide how much to donate to a business book. The soap workshop donated shampoos and soaps, and Prestige 96 and Tymbark provided treats and drinks for each cause. Companies such as Sitel, Quick Cargo and individuals have chosen to make a Christmas bazaar for their teams from custom-made Christmas gift decorations for customers and friends.

After each workshop. there are still a lot of gifts left and this gives more opportunities for donations. If you want to take from these gifts and donate as much as you want - please contact us before the relevant workshops so that we can plan the gifts and items you have requested. If after a workshop there are still gifts, objects or cards - we will share on the Facebook page of the initiative. There are great gifts, and our experience shows that the donations after the workshops in exchange for the gifts and decorations made are no less than during the workshops themselves.

We have chosen causes where attention and attitude are no less important than the donation itself. We will be happy for you to come with us and participate in the donation, and to bring / donate the items you have chosen / purchased to donate. Please follow the information on the site, on the Facebook page, or write us the contact information for a specific cause (HEART)

Let us wish we had "too many donations". Certainly in each of the homes and centers they need more things - you will see how carefully they approached in describing their needs. We will help each of the described causes, and if there are more funds - all will go to the described causes for this year with additional things for them. If there are still funds left. Everything will be described publicly on the site, as well as on the Facebook page. And why not make people happy from the chosen causes with more gifts or useful things.

Everyone who participates in the workshops and everyone who donates can receive a certificate of participation in the initiative. These certificates are not an official donation document and cannot be used for tax purposes.

The more workshops - the better 🙂 In 2020 we had over 12 different areas of the workshop in Softuni Digital, as well as in at least as many cities as in 2019 (Plovdiv, Varna, Ruse). So as long as you have an idea and a desire to lead a workshop - please write to us to discuss whether and how you can get involved.

In 2019, Lyuben Karavelov University in Varna joined as a school that passes on. Dejah did great things at the school workshop. And at the workshop and the bazaar they collected over BGN 700 in donations for the causes. If you want to get involved - from Pass on we will provide the necessary materials and guidelines to organize a workshop in the school where you are principal, teacher, or your grandfather teaches

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