Home for abandoned children, Berkovitsa

The home in Berkovitsa was our first place and first cause. We can safely say that we will never forget the winter of 2016, because then, jokingly, " Предай нататък " was born. An hour of experience as in a motel of horrors gave us the strength and confidence to continue and give what we have most - love and compassion for people deprived of basic human things.

The challenge

In 2016, over 80 children, students of Intellect, managed to make cards and toys, with the sale of which we raised BGN 1,200. With this money we bought clothes, toys and basic necessities for a home for abandoned children in Berkovitsa. When we went home, we were really amazed by the conditions in which the children lived. The abandoned building, with broken windows and stinking of a horse stable, "sheltered" 14 children abandoned by their parents. It was amazing the fact that there were brothers and sisters, left to the whims of fate without a drop of pity. Children who do not have clothes, shoes, not to mention books or some more exotic things. To this day, I remember the answer of one of the children in the home, asking him what they needed most. There were answers in my head, like: TV, Playstation, family. The answer was definitely unexpected: We don't need anything. We have everything.

The solution

With the funds raised, we managed to buy clothes and toys for the children in Berkovitsa. The striking fact that the children live in an incredible copter made us check on the situation with the help of the renovated house, but soon after our visit, the home was closed and the children moved to sheltered housing.

How can I предам нататък ?

Giving a gift or bringing food is not always the best we can do. Personal connection and personal attitude are what leave the strongest imprint on people. We often take our children home with us. Well-taught lessons are those that come from the heart. And what could be better than going to the place, hugging a child and showing him that he is not alone.

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia there live the blind texts.