town of Berkovitsa

Center for people with mental retardation

We help nursing homes and people with disabilities.

We help together

In the town of Berkovitsa there is a very special place where 14 people live. They all have special needs, maybe that's why they are so special to us. We know them well. We have been helping them since 2016.

The challenge

The home in Berkovitsa accommodates 14 people, each with a different type of disability. Some people have motor problems, others have mental retardation. It is critical for all of them to be able to train.

"We have been dreaming of fitness equipment for years," said the director of the home in Berkovitsa.

" Предай нататък " researched and found out that about BGN 5,000 are needed for fitness equipment. So we decided to try to collect unused equipment from friends and equip the home that way.

We shared on Facebook that we are looking for sports equipment for a home for people with disabilities and in just a few hours we were contacted by 7-8 people who recognized themselves in the cause. It didn't take long and we were contacted by a person who would load all the equipment for free and take them to the town of Berkovitsa.

The solution

Thus, with joint efforts we managed to gather the necessary appliances for the people in the home. Now every day, home users can train on the exercise bike and cross trainer.

Do-good bank

How can I Pay forward?

Our cause this month is for warm clothes for 14. people from Berkovitsa. They need tracksuits and slippers, disinfectants and detergents. If you want to donate, do so at the link above.