CNST for persons with mental disorders "Raina Gateva"

We help nursing homes and people with disabilities.

We help together

In 2017, for the first time we met with the people from Raina Gateva in Ruse. Our colleague took us to this place. The director of the home is an exceptional woman - caring and loving all the people who are under her care. About 30 people live in the home, share their destiny with people like them and enjoy every little thing they receive and every drop of attention they receive from people who visit them. And these people are not many.

The challenge

Did you know that most of the people who come to such homes until yesterday were just like us? And at one point something happens. They lose their identity. They are losing a family. They lose everything. Raina Gateva has a ship captain, an artist, an engineer, people who lived just like you and me. Now they need vests, new shoes, soaps and new towels, things that at first glance seem elementary and negligibly small, but with the little money the state has given them, they have no luxury in owning them.

The solution

For the third year in a row, at Christmas we go to the home in Ruse. The first year we brought personal cups, socks and soaps. The second year we managed to buy TVs for each room, we bought boots for the people in the home, this year we made them happy again with new boots and tracksuits. The director of the home told us that they had not slept all night, they were holding their bags in their hands, happy and full of happiness that someone out there, in the world that was once theirs, thought of them.

How can I предам нататък ?

Prestige-96, Timbark and Soap Workshop made donations to all homes. Boxes of biscuits, juices and aromatic soaps delighted the wonderful people at Raina Gateva. We will go to them again, this time we promised to do a workshop together. And the smiles that meeting them bring us cannot be compared to anything else.

If you are the person responsible for social activities in the company or just want to donate, you can contact us.

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