Easter for our parents

Easter is warmth, coziness and sharing. Give lunch to people at home!

Easter Day.
Easter. For you and me, it's the smell of Easter cakes, painted colored eggs, a cup of coffee with legs outstretched in front of the TV, family, friends, a walk in the park, a break from everyday life.

For others, however, Easter is no different than any other. Because they don't have your destiny and your chance. The wonderful people, employees in the municipal homes, try to create a festive atmosphere, but there is not always a way. There is not always something to do.

We at the Pay Forward Foundation invite you to make a different Easter for the people in the homes. Over 750 people in homes this Easter will have the opportunity to receive a festive meal.

For BGN 20 for Easter lunch, you will become part of the Ambassadors of our friends.

The homes we help are located in Ruse, Berkovitsa, Shtarkovo, Vratsa, Bohot, Dobrich, Dobrodan, Novi Pazar, Dobrodan, Krushuna.

Thank you, friends! Let it be a colorful and smiling holiday!

How can I help?

If you wish to help - choose a voucher from the Do-good bank. Once you select an amount, you can choose how many vouchers you wish to donate on the next page. You can donate by direct payment by credit or debit card, ePay, EasyPay or BPay, and if you wish - with the number of the donation from the application by bank transfer.

For bank transfers, please include the following information in the Reference field:
"Easter for our parents"

Pay Forward Foundation
IBAN: BG92UNCR70001523955423

Do-good bank

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