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1645 BGN. This is exactly the amount we do not have enough to make the Home for the Elderly in Dobrich happy and to build the fitness ground they dream of.

We collected 2/3 of the amount, this is our final call. BGN 1,645 are 164 donations of BGN 10. The greatest human strength is the love we are able to give to those in need. And support.

Successfully completed. 🙂

We thank all the volunteers and donors for the cause. We have successfully raised the required amount and the site is in use by our friends from the Home for the Elderly, Dobrich .

The home

The home for the elderly in the town of Dobrich. A place for people with big hearts. People who dream of their own gym, and we would be happy to help them. Look at what people in the home are saying: “It has happened to each of us to listen in our heart and not metaphorically, as a call, desire or love, but as a pulse.
Tup-tup, tup-tup, tup-tup ….. – it pulsates in us, slowly or quickly, calmly or excitedly. The heart – our engine, works non-stop throughout our lives, whether it beats – then we breathe, whether it beats – then we love, whether it beats – then we are alive. And there is no way, as long as you are so listened to, that the thought has not passed you by: “Well, if it stops now – I’m dying?”
But it does not stop and often accelerates, because it lives from it – from the movement. The more we move, the faster it moves, and the more we play sports, the stronger it becomes. According to statistics, 90% of people suffering from heart failure are over 60 years old and again, according to her, cardio training significantly improves cardiovascular function, strengthens the immune system, reduces the risk of hypertension, atherosclerosis, diabetes, etc., we stop here, because you can read it yourself on the net.
We want to tell you about us, our need for movement and why we want to have a gym.
Although in physics motion is described by Newton’s laws for us it is life and for us displacement, speed, acceleration, time are not just quantities – it is life because these actions keep us alive – and us and you because ” old ”is just a label for the more important word – People. People, like everyone who loves, laugh, get excited and want to live regardless of gender, age, time and place. Because life is good and we want to live it to the fullest!
Of course, there are exceptions, our Home is a place where the “common denominator” is “close” and what we have in common is the sign above the entrance and that we are all over a certain age. In character, desires, abilities and possibilities we are different, like all people in the world, like all men and women, we are like you.
And while some of us can’t move because of our deteriorating health or old age, there is a group of people who have a few ideas that are a decade younger – energetic 🙂 They have no severe, healthy limitations, they are full of positivism, fresh spirit and energy that they want to spend somewhere. And although they walk the steeper alley in the backyard every day and call it Everest, it’s not enough for them for a 9-month pandemic.
It is for these people that we want to have a gym!
There is another group, because we said that there is no common denominator, they have difficulty moving, their knees and joints hurt – they have difficulty moving. They do programs with rehabilitator and physiotherapy, but this is not always enough to improve them. They need additional, independent movement at a time convenient to them, and not just at work for the team. These people also need movement, if not sports, then at least just movement. It is for these people that we want to have a gym!
The third group are sad, tired, melancholic or they are depressed. They need socialization, tone and positive energy, which, as we all know, is achieved through movement and sports.
It is for these people that we want to have a gym!
There is also a fourth group – the crew of our not very small “ship”. We are happy to imagine a lunch break, in which after the coffee with a few slight movements of the shoulders and arms to shake off the negative emotions and mental strain. And why not a quick cardio workout for those who work mostly on a computer (these got lost somewhere 🙂
And because of these people we want to have a gym!
Despite the fact that it is written that the “common denominator” has no place in our House, we somehow managed to divide into at least four groups or castes, as in “Divergent”. But whether for you, for him, her or them, we want to have a gym, for all of us People in the Home!
Because life is a gift, because … “La vie est belle”! “

Our latest home donations:

If you want to help - do it at the link below. At the moment we have set a goal to buy 5 devices, which are BGN 6,000, as well as to cover the installation costs. If we manage to collect more - there will be a really big fitness area ❤

How can I pay forward and help the cause?

If you are the person responsible for social activities in the company or just want to donate, you can contact us.

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