Revival Home for the Elderly

We help nursing homes and people with disabilities.

We help together

214 people.
214 adults accommodated in a social care home.
214 different human destinies.

214 mothers and fathers.
214 professionals who lived with dignity. Who expect worthy antiquities.

Home and heart.

Nursing home "Vazrazhdane". The place where all these wonderful people, grandparents live in their own worlds, but still Together. They have their own small rooms, arranged like their homes. Sometime.

We had the pleasure, together with Joro, to peek into their worlds for a while. We were invited. So much comfort and warmth. Sharing and smiles. And we, with a lump in our throats, imagined what it was like to reach that age. To tell with zeal about your life and to give sun and light.

We fell in love with this home. We did our best to provide them with the little things they need. New sheets, sweet treats, detergents. They gave us handmade cards, allowed us to rehearse, where they sang and danced.

And in one of the rooms where Grandma Z. invited us, I saw Grandma's room. Many years ago. Where there is a knitted waistband on the TV, an embroidered pillow case and small items arranged, each of which carries the memory of its time. Simple, cozy, warm. And then, Grandma Z., she opened the locker under the TV. There was a packet of biscuits and two packets of coffee. From the instant ones. Unknown brand. He took the packets and gave them to us. Her two packets of coffee.

Needless to say, the packets of coffee are on our desks with Joro and remind us every day of what we have. Because giving when you don't have it is the greatest manifestation of humanity.

I remember that day. I think I will always remember it.

And I know that all of us involved in the mission of Pass on will remember.

Today, 214 people are under severe threat from Covid-19. 21 of them have already been hospitalized, one has been intubated. Unfortunately, Nursing home "Vazrazhdane" became a source of terrible contagion. We want to help and we know that we have a huge retinue of protectors behind us.

How can I предам нататък ?

With urgent donations for the home, our friends have already joined:

  • Damyan Damyanov, Unicoms
  • Mladen Nedelev, M Tex
  • Dr. Rositsa Dencheva, Reverse Clinic
  • Prestige-96
  • Medix
  • Dilios
  • and other

If you are the person responsible for social activities in the company or just want to donate, you can contact us.

Pay Forward Foundation
IBAN: BG92UNCR70001523955423

Do-good bank

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