city of Vratsa

Zora Home for the Elderly

We help nursing homes and people with disabilities.

We help together

The home.

The home has 40 users and a staff of 20 wonderful people.

This home was recommended to us by our friends with a big heart. We immediately liked the team there and since then we help them whenever possible in every campaign. Together we can do even more.

How can I предам нататък and help the cause?

If you are the person responsible for social activities in the company or just want to donate, you can contact us.

Pay Forward Foundation
IBAN: BG92UNCR70001523955423

Our latest home donations:

At home we helped with Covid donations with protective equipment - masks, gloves, helmets, disinfectants and alcohol, detergents, remote thermometer, toilet paper, immunostimulants. Also with sweet products - waffles, croissants, biscuits. We also donated tosets of single sheets (by Dilios).

Do-good bank


collected by

BGN 2,500