School for blind children

School for blind children in Varna

We can't describe how lucky we are that we were able to help with the initiative and meet the team and the children at a school for blind children. It was a wonderful sunny day. The team of " Предай нататък " left for Varna, and we had no idea where we were going and who we would meet. Believe us, we had no idea who we would meet… Julieta Petkova - the school principal - an amazing smiling and positive woman who cares with her team for 152 children with as many different problems and diagnoses as you can imagine.

The challenge

Blind children and children with disabilities find it difficult to find their place in the labor market. We were amazed when instead of standard donations for children, the principal wanted us to give them a badge for making badges, because teaching children to assemble badges is relatively difficult, and this would at some point lead to the opportunity for them to develop and work for their bread. Something so simple. Which we as a society would not even think of.

The solution

The moment we announced the causes and the necessary funds for donations, this was the cause that most people wrote about and wanted to donate. It is about BGN 750. And 152 children who can learn a craft. What safer transmission next? We raised BGN 1,100 instead of BGN 750 and with the additional funds we bought more materials for badges. Only the light in the eyes of the children and the headmistress of the school can tell you about the happiness that such a donation can cause.

How can I Pay forward?

The school for blind children spoke to many of our donors. We had the chance to go on the spot, to talk to the children, to hug them, to understand that their world needs a very strict order. Let's meet pedagogues / over 95 people work at the school /, to tell us how each day they even have a certain aroma - vanilla, strawberry, etc., to tell them where they are in space.

Prestige-96 donated hundreds of boxes of sweet and savory treats, Hristo from Lifehack and Masterhack also wished his donation to go to the badge stamp. If you are the person responsible for social activities in the company or just want to donate, you can contact us.

Pay Forward Foundation
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Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia there live the blind texts.