Alexander Nikolov

You have been donating to the causes of Pay Forward on since Christmas 2018, for which we thank you very much. You were the person who encouraged us several times to make the Pay Forward Foundation. Please tell us more about why you donate to Pay Forward.
One of my top values is to help others. That is why I strive to support foundations whose causes I like. Specifically in Pay Forward three things grab me and that's why my desire to help is very high (that's why I encouraged you to create a faster and formal organization through which to make it easier):

  • The two groups that are most difficult to cope with are orphans and the elderly. And you are very specifically helping one of these groups.
  • I have great confidence in the organizers of the Foundation, because I know them and I know their values…. And not just "believe", but I know that they use all means to the last penny to help people in need!
  • The funds are directed to specific needs in specific homes, which is a guarantee that they are used effectively.

What is your way of passing on? You donate every month to the Pay Forward Foundation, for which we thank you very much.
As I said, helping is one of my top 5 values. And I do it in two ways.
First, through what I do, I'm committed to helping small business owners change their business and hence their lives. I am happy to have done it for hundreds of people. And my constant desire to be even more successful is mainly due to reaching out to even more people and helping them through my coaching programs.
The second way I realize this value of mine is by helping people who do not have the resources. And that's also one of my incentives to be successful and win: to be able to help more people. Every time I translate to your causes and initiatives, I feel inner satisfaction that together we change people's lives for the better.

You are a mentor and business coach for entrepreneurs. Is there anything that is important for people to know in the current situation - as people or as people with business?
What I teach my clients and what I follow as understanding and behavior is that no matter how difficult a situation is, there is always a solution if we keep calm. That is why my advice and wish to everyone is to strive to achieve this every day - peace and inner peace. This allows you to use the full potential you have. And anxiety and worry are of no use anyway and they are a waste of time!

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