Camellia from Locus Books

What are your ways of paying forward?
They are mainly related to various "book" initiatives along the way, but with the publishing team we seek and are always open to opportunities for participation and partnerships in campaigns related to literacy on physical and mental health, human rights and areas that would contributed to improving the quality of life of more people.

What was the emotion in the hall of the Pay Forward workshop?
Extremely positive, thanks to both the organizers and the participants - throughout the day came people who were willing and enthusiastic to participate in various activities or buy ready-made products. This is a two-way process. We not only give, we receive - energy, gratitude, we learn ...

There is nothing more inspiring than the desire of people with different activities and stories to be useful to other people. I believe in generosity, giving and paying forward - this is a privilege. Let us be not one-time, but serial donors. Thanks for this opportunity!

You are extremely successful in developing Locus Books - a publishing house specializing in business books and self-improvement books. And that changes a lot of people for the better 🙂 How do you imagine Pay Forward as a development?
I imagine information about the initiative to be shared with a wider circle of people, both by word of mouth and in all possible information channels. Just like in the film of the same name Pay Forward, even if only those already familiar with the initiative to share with three friends or acquaintances about it, is a wonderful start.

A good example that captivates. Surprisingly, many people decided to deprive themselves of the discount they would receive in order to donate this amount to the cause. In this way a strong community is formed. We become part of a much larger and more powerful whole. There is no need for a catastrophe ... to decide to help. Recently we have witnessed large-scale donations - Jeff Bezos, Jack Ma, Jackie Chan ...

It is not banal to talk about the educational power of giving, about the values it nurtures.

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