Damyan Damyanov

You are participating with at least 10 non-contact thermometers, as well as many immunostimulant products for the elderly in the April 2020 initiative. In it we help together more than 10 homes for the elderly across the country - over 700 people and over 300 people who care for them. 🙂 Tell us more.

Georgi Malchev asked me about the thermometers. I have always had reservations about such homes because I was worried that those working there would take everything for themselves and the elderly would not receive donations. Because Georgi Malchev believes them, and believes that this will not be the case, I decided to get involved. I believe in him, he in them. This is how things happen in life 🙂

What is your way of paying forward? From the first days of the fight against the virus and the need for support for hospitals and doctors, you got involved. Please tell us more

I woke up one day. I was angry with the government for how many things it wasn't doing right, and suddenly a thought struck me. They're fine, and am I doing anything for society? This upset me a lot, because the answer was no. And then I said to myself. I can't save the world, but there are a lot of things I can do. With which I and my company can be useful. And I rolled up my sleeves!

Damyan, Unicoms is a well-known company, and you are one of the most recognizable donors for healthcare and people in need in Bulgaria. What is your message to the donors or to the people who are helping at the moment?

There are difficult moments for everyone that may need to be included. Even in normal times, making people who are vulnerable and weak feel support and help brings satisfaction like nothing else. Succeeding in life is a pleasure. And helping other people is a great feeling.

How do you decide what, how and to whom to donate?

Hard work. I feel it.

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