Georgi Filipov from Dillios

The causes of Christmas 2019 touched you and donated bed linen for the elderly from the home in Ruse. Thank you very much! Tell us what touched you in the causes and the Pass on initiative?
We, as a company, have for many years been rooted in the consciousness and tradition of helping and getting involved in various charity events. When the Pass On initiative approached us, we immediately agreed to get involved and reach out. I personally believe and believe that business in general should be socially responsible and take care of the community in which it lives and works.

What is the Pay Forward initiative for you? What is your / your way of passing on?
I am happy that we at DILIOS can support and partner wonderfully with the Pass On initiative. My way of предам нататък is to engage and "infect" as many people, friends, colleagues, partners as possible to get involved in such initiatives. For me personally, giving, because I do it with a pure heart and love, brings great satisfaction and is a manifestation of humanity.

How do you imagine Pay Forward as a development?
I sincerely hope that more people and organizations will be involved in this noble initiative. No matter what kind of help: organizational, transport, financial, product, medium, small, large, every gesture is important. The more benefactors take this cause to heart, the more we will be able to be useful and helpful, and this is a direct indicator of the development of our modern society. I am personally optimistic. Here, we as a company are now budgeting and plan to set aside funds again in 2020 to join another noble cause with "Pass on". We will not stop, we will continue to help as long as we can.

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