Georgi Nenov from The Superman

What are your ways of paying forward?

My ways of paying forward are mainly related to two things: passing on knowledge and experience and support - physical and emotional. We rarely think about the fact that the people we love and care about need to be with them more often. We think even less often about people we don't know.

What is the emotion of participating in a Pay Forward workshop?

The main emotion that embraces all participants in these events is happiness. The happiness of giving your time and attention to create something for someone. The happiness of doing good to a stranger. The happiness of having others like you. Oh, that sense of belonging is great!

You developed The Superman with Georgi Nenov very successfully and you set an example to many people 🙂 How do you imagine Pay Forward as development?

The main reason for "The Superman with Georgi Nenov" to develop to its current level is the same reason that will transform "Pay Forward" into an increasingly successful cause with each subsequent campaign. It's so simple that we seem to be constantly underestimating it. It's called perseverance. Another episode, another workshop, another good deed. And again, and again, and again. Good is contagious. The more people do good deeds and show philanthropy, as the participants and organizers of Pay Forward, the more their relatives, friends and acquaintances will join the call and pass it on.

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