Hristo from Lifehack

For our Christmas campaign at the end of 2019, you joined with a donation specifically for the stamp for badges for blind children and those with developmental problems in Varna. Thank you very much 🙂 How did this cause touch you?
Congratulations on what you are doing! For a long time I wanted to help someone in need, but I didn't know where to look or how to do it. With your platform, you provide me with these things - I see where, why and how I can help. Extremely easy. It seems to me that there are many people like me who want to donate something or take the time to help, but do not know how and where to do it. The only downside I see is that I have to show up here 🙂

As for the cause I supported, two things touched me: I have a little daughter on the one hand and the films I "projected" in my head on the other, when I read the combination of children and impaired vision - not having one of the most wonderful things on earth - you can't see ми what if I lose my sight…, what if something like this happens to my child… Will there be anyone to help us…

This may sound more selfish than altruistic, but in the end it seems to me that the volume of giving and helping in general is more important to the cause than the personal motives of everyone.

This is a punch - a tiny piece of what children in this situation really need. I'm even embarrassed to talk about it.

What are your ways of paying forward?
I share my knowledge and experience through the platform I manage. But not just mine. I research, sift and share the wisdom, skills and practice of even the smartest and most successful people on the planet, so that our readers can try out the principles that helped them succeed. This is an extremely fast and accessible way for everyone to receive specially selected knowledge to apply in their work, life or business.

We only have what we give.

You are developing Lifehack and Masterhack very successfully - you are an example for many people 🙂 Please tell us some of your hacks or tips to pay forward to change even more destinies, attracting more and more people to help other people.
Maybe I should ask you for advice on this topic…

In my opinion, the urge to donate is strongest when you come face to face with people who need help, when you see them, when you imagine what is wrong with them, when you put yourself in their shoes. As I told you at the beginning, it happened to me.

Keep meeting us with these people - both virtual and real. Let's see what they are struggling with, what their difficulties are, what they need and, more importantly, what makes them happy. People with problems not only need food, they also need happiness, joy, meaning. And there are no hacks for that, only empathy and humanity.

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