Lilia Karamancheva from Quaiser Pharma Bulgaria

"Getting involved in the Pass on initiative came spontaneously and from the heart. As we do everything else.

You get involved in the causes of Pay Forward not only with products, but also with a monetary donation. Tell us more.

There is a lot of talk this year about the things we missed because of the Kovid-19 crisis. Celebrations, family gatherings, cultural events and more, and more. For me and our whole team this year did not take anything, because in the final we are all healthy. We can't and we don't want more. However, many had no time for their families because they were fighting for our lives. As a company in the pharmaceutical industry, health care is our top priority. But we have never limited ourselves to market norms. We are interested in the health of every single person, as well as in living in a "healthy society". Getting involved in different causes is not new to our team, which we proudly call #dreamteam. The team chooses causes to support throughout the year, and I am honored to work with such people. To join the Pay Forward initiative came spontaneously and from the heart. As we do everything else

Your company is known for the high quality of its products. Can you tell us things that people don't know about corporate social responsibility?

Quaiser Pharma Bulgaria has been on the Bulgarian market for a decade and has definitely established itself as one of the most successful companies. Our leading brand Doppelhertz is the number 1 brand in our country. *

The quality of the products is proven and supported by the fact that we are part of a German company with over 120 years of tradition. The history of the company is impressive - created more than a century ago by a German pharmacist, successful to this day in more than 50 countries around the world. We strive for continuous improvement of technologies, development of new combinations, innovative forms of admission, etc. I am especially proud to say that the company does not stop there. He is not only looking for ways to improve his products, but also ways to do sustainable and responsible business. Since the beginning of 2020, Quisser Pharma Germany has been declared a climate-neutral company by Climate Partner, which means that all the carbon footprint released during production processes is compensated. We give back to nature what we have taken. We have moved to the next level, where caring for human health and caring for nature go hand in hand.

What is your way of passing on? You are in a highly humane field and you are responsible for people's health.

I strongly believe that good is contagious. I also believe that it must happen from the heart - in our case, "With the power of two hearts." What we do as a team is support each other whenever someone gives us an idea to make something good happen. And let's tell. Because we live in a world of stories and it is our duty to tell those about the good.

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