Magi Bogdanova

You are involved in our causes regularly as a donor. Please tell us more.

I am an extremely happy and satisfied human being who has everything and more. I love the fact that over the years I have recognized the movement of giving and receiving, and I have put it into my life. I believe that everyone has something to give to the world at any time - money, time, thought, work - regardless of size. As I like to say - for most of us 1 lev is nothing, for some this may be the last lev for his life-saving operation! I love people like you who have succeeded in their own fields, but have come to feel that this is not all. Based on your success and experience, you help a lot of people in difficult moments of their lives.

Your accounting firm works with many causes, including ours. What is important about causes and foundations in terms of accountability, documentation, finances?

There are a few basic things for me. First, if possible, the foundation should be registered for public benefit and not for private benefit. This allows your legal donors to enjoy even the small tax relief that the state allows them. Secondly, it is important that the materials and money coming in and out of the foundation are accompanied by signed documents that allow easy tracking of this movement - contracts, acceptance protocols, invoices, goods receipts.

We recommend that you account for each cause with everything entered and left by name and in detail, so that there is not a drop of doubt. This report, made at the moment, is easy because you are aware of every step. Like any company, the foundation, although it has no commercial purpose, needs an administration, so I appeal to the wonderful people who have decided to lead such organizations, not to ignore this fact!

I also urge them to always talk to their accountant before taking new action, regardless of their scale.

What is your way of paying forward?

I know how to connect. My brain works like a collection machine, which contains an infinite amount of information and contacts, and they find a place somewhere.

As soon as a case arises, she starts working and takes out of the tucked-in drawer what is needed, assembling each piece until the picture is complete. This allows me to be useful in many areas in which I do not even really have knowledge.

And in my business, I pay forward my knowledge not only to my clients but also to everyone who reaches my videos. In them I try to give knowledge in an understandable language, to give faith that everyone can, to show things that are not shown in the news, but are invaluable to us as a nation!

You put a lot of effort into personal development, which includes setting an example. What would you advise people?

I believe that everyone lives the life that his thoughts and actions have led to. Respectively, everything can change by changing the above two.

Without trainings, books and conversations with other people, we all have only one point of view - ours. This makes us limited in our ability to see how much more there is in this world.

For me, every study, every book, every conversation, gives me this - the opportunity to live this one life of mine, enlarged and improved by my contact with the particles of hundreds of other foreign lives!

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