Maria Stoilova

You are regularly involved in the causes of Pay Forward. Please tell us more why you trust us in choosing causes and ways of donating /

What I really liked about your initiative, even before it became the Pay Forward Foundation, is the fact that it is very clear what the donated funds go for, for whom and where. You are regularly involved in the causes of Pay Forward. The satisfaction of supporting a meaningful cause is incredible, but when you see Elena's smile from home in Ruse, for example, you feel really happy!

What is your way of paying forward?

Pay Forward, in addition to a favorite movie, for me is the best way to go through life. I am convinced that the meaning of God blessing you with more knowledge, skills or abilities is to pay forward.

I am a teacher and I try to pay forward to my children not just knowledge and skills, but to open their hearts and souls to the wonders of the world - kindness, empathy, friendship, truly valuable and significant things that will lead them to of life. With the greatest pleasure I pay forward knowledge and skills to colleagues, to the parents I work with and to all those who want to be closer to the children, to understand them better and to communicate fully with them. For many years I had the opportunity to pay forward as a national coach of the Step by Step Program and to train dozens of teachers, parents, experts, principals who were willing to change and thought outside the box.

You are one of the most unique teachers we have ever met. And you work with young children and their parents. And we've seen you in action - you change destinies by unlocking children's potential, making them confident and empathetic at the same time. And you show the parents how with the right attitude and approach they create some very happy and successful children. Tell us more about the miracles you do.

It has always been very difficult for me to answer this question. What I do seems very simple to me and is something that everyone can do - I love them! I love them and accept them as they are. Children unlock their potential and begin to easily absorb even the most challenging knowledge and skills when they feel truly and unconditionally accepted and loved. My children always know that no matter what happens, no matter what they do, I love them. No conditions, no reservations, no bargains. As they are, and they are real, unadulterated and wonderful. This is felt by parents and becomes a strong emotional basis for the relationship between us, a key element of mutual trust and support. And miracles happen.

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