Nikolai Trifonov

You have been donating to the causes of Pay Forward on since Christmas 2018, for which we thank you very much. Please tell us more about why you donate to Pay Forward.

I first heard by chance about Pay Forward from Vanya and Joro a little over 2 years ago. At first I knew almost nothing, but I immediately joined the initiative they were conducting for Christmas. Instinct did not let me down, and when I later realized how inspiring and noble an activity they had undertaken, I decided that I wanted to participate not just once, but whenever possible.

I continue to participate and donate in various forms, because what they do does not happen "someday in the future." Pay Forward they do things here and now. Quite clearly, concretely and with a lot of love and thought for the people they help!

What is your way of paying forward? You donate regularly, including for Pass on, for which we thank you.
My way of passing on is by sharing knowledge and experience through the Friend for Goals system. My dream is to help millions of people achieve their wildest dreams. To achieve them every day. Not just "someday in the future".

At the same time, years ago I decided that I would do something charitable every month (I would spend time and / or finances) and I have been following this principle for many years. Pass on is an opportunity for me to take steps in this direction, for which I am really grateful. People who are involved in charity know that sometimes it is not easy to find a good initiative and cause like this.

You are a manager in a large international company. There you are encouraged to donate by donating to causes, and if the causes are approved by the company - the company doubles the funds? Tell us more, please.
When I joined the company, one of the advantages was this. I don't know if this is the case in principle, but I found out about charitable causes and support for them in my initial meetings with them. Maybe I was just looking for such information, but I remember that I was very impressed.

VMware allows me to donate any donation of up to $ 3,141.59, which I make to double the company, and also use one week of my working time to help a charity that is pre-approved but of my choice.

I am glad that I had the opportunity to nominate Pay Forward for inclusion in the list of approved foundations, and once the initial approval has passed, I look forward to the final one.

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