Nikolay Vassilev

You support us regularly - unconditionally. You just say - we do. Why did you choose Pass On as one of the initiatives you support?

I chose Pay Forward because I believe in Joro. We met by chance and I was impressed by an honest and sincere person, and this is very important to me. I choose very carefully the people I communicate with, both personally and professionally, and Joro has definitely won my trust.

Apparently the causes of Pay Forward have "spoken" to you, as people say. Tell us about you as a person, about the human side of what you do.

I often engage in independent and organized donations. Recently, I also have the status of ambassador of THSN - a global initiative of Generali, whose activity in general is to help people in need.
I have helped single mothers, disadvantaged families, years ago I organized help for the village of Krushovitsa, which suffered during the flood in the town of Mizia. Even now my wife and I are helping a lonely pensioner who has no relatives and cannot work. Every month we give her money for the bills and buy products. Why?! First - because above all we are people, social beings. I have a relatively decent standard and I think this is the right way - to share what you have with someone who needs it.

I myself was in a very difficult situation years ago and the only thing I could count on was my own strength. This is probably the main reason I want to help people in need.

You are very recognizable as a person who takes care of his clients - is there anything in common between business and the approach to clients on the one hand, and donations and volunteering on the other?

Hmm .. 🙂
Come to think of it, I think I'm finding a connection.
I will exclude the purely commercial side of my work and marketing talk. Yes, that's what I eat! But in order to keep a client with me, I have to make an effort for him to get what he needs and then make sure to be there when he needs it.

My main clients are probably the most pampered workforce in Bulgaria - the IT sector. Serious professionals who, unfortunately, in real life are a little difficult. 🙂 And it is in this area that my efforts are focused - to translate their insurance contract into human language, how to act in different situations, what pitfalls to watch out for, how to most easily and easily go through the administrative jungle of procedures, documents etc., etc. In short, the only thing they think of is family and work. I put a lot of emotion and heart into my work and that's exactly what my clients like.

He made a short portrait of Niki Vassilev

My name is Nikolay Vassilev and I have been an insurance agent for more than 20 years.

I have worked for some of the biggest companies - AIG Life, ING branch Sofia, Bulstrad Life. Since 2009 I have been an agent with Generali Insurance, where I found my second family.
I am afraid of easy things and that is probably why I dived into the depths of life insurance, and then for more than 11 years in health insurance. I reached the highest positions from a commercial point of view in business. More precisely, I created and managed insurance agencies of 3 companies, but I realized that I am most useful and calm when working directly with clients. For me, this is the big thrill. 🙂
Former professional athlete, current fitness maniac, despite his advanced years, in love with his wife and his job. This is, in short, my "portrait".

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