Sandra Petrova

You are an EHA person - Joro shared with you the idea of homes and birthdays for the elderly. You immediately said - we do. And you don't just do it, you make things personal for each person, every month. Tell us more about the musical greetings you make every month for birthdays at home.

I don't know if there would be an idea coming from Joro's head that I wouldn't react to. Even if it sounds impossible, too ambitious or on the verge of abnormal, I'm still sure it could happen if he's around. It is very difficult for me to tell about the greetings themselves, because they are something very personal or at least for me. And without wanting to exaggerate for the elderly. Formally, we make a video connection and I perform their favorite song as a birthday greeting. Informally described - I prove that the material is not everything and that relationships between people are one of the most important things in the world.

You not only congratulate the birthdays, but also make thematic greetings for all the elderly. As you talk. Tell us about the emotion of being able to make so many people happy.

Irina and Vanya understand what the favorite birthday song is and I sing it. The conversations are very varied and full of excitement. There are a lot of people in the homes who are full of stories and I think we can learn a lot from their experience. As an emotion, I sometimes feel sad because I realize that many people are lonely. Even outside the home, even among friends, there are still people who feel that way. I am glad that my gesture can stop the feeling of loneliness at least for a while.

Rarely do we see a person who can do so many things, and in such a remarkable way. Tell us what you do and how you achieve so much.

(Laughs) You catch me at a time in my life when I finally realize that I seem to be doing "too many things." People around me have always wondered, and for me it has always been perfectly normal. At the moment I am trying to concentrate on singing and cooking, and at the same time I plan to start working with a company, but it is too early to tell.

By singing, I mean two things again 🙂 there may even be three directions. I study classical singing hard and I want to sing in Italy or France. It may happen in 6-7 years, but I'm not afraid of long-term plans. I have an author's song that I haven't made a video for yet, and I really want to show it to the world, so here I have tasks to do. And the icing on the cake are the greetings for the homes 🙂 they also require preparation. The idea of themed parties is also a great occasion to improve my singing skills.

What is your way of paying forward, other than through the Pay Forward Foundation?

I am very good at reminding and reminding. I've been using this quality in a controlled way lately, and I'm trying to get other people to start transmitting. Sometimes they are small gestures, but they can fix everyone's day.

You put a lot of effort into personal development, which includes setting an example. What would you advise people?

I would advise people to find where their strength is. To get to know themselves, but seriously, even painfully - self-analytically. Once they understand everything about themselves, or at least 70%, to start looking for where they would be useful with their knowledge and skills and to admit when they do not know or do not know how. When we come together, we become stronger. I still don't know what we are fighting against and why we need to be strong, but there is time… and I will understand.

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