Savina Palikareva from Tymbark

The causes of Christmas 2019 touched you and you donated a lot of juices for the elderly and children. Thank you very much. Tell us what touched you in the causes and the Pay Forward initiative?
We at Timbark Bulgaria believe that business should be responsible to society and to its most needy members - children and the elderly. The Pay Forward initiative is aimed at them, and we had no hesitation in joining it when Xplora invited us.

What is your / your way of passing on?
Passing on can take place on both a corporate and a purely personal level. The company has a long tradition in donations to homes for children at risk, for which we cooperate with Sofia Municipality, as well as in the direction of supporting and promoting sports among young people. We support a number of football tournaments for children, sports marathons and children's Olympics. We are currently sponsoring the Atrim Superstars Cup children's football tournament and working in very close cooperation with the municipality of Velingrad, as their main partner in various sports and cultural events.

The employees of Timbark Bulgaria regularly spend their personal free time participating in various charitable causes. In this regard, for all those who want to help, but do not know how to navigate the huge variety of charitable causes, we would recommend the platform TimeHeroes.org, which brings together many great causes that everyone can contribute over time, your abilities and desires.

Be the change you want to see in the world

You receive many requests for sponsorships and donations. And you probably can't respond to everyone 🙂 Thank you for joining the initiative. How do you envision Pay Forward as a development?
We do receive a significant number of requests and invitations for sponsorships and donations of various types. We select those we can help in accordance with the overall strategy and mission of Timbark Bulgaria, which focus mainly on three areas - sports, ecology and support for disadvantaged people. We cannot respond to all requests for donations that we receive, no matter how much we want, but we do everything possible to be consistent and focused in our efforts to be a socially responsible business.

Pay Forward is a wonderful initiative, we can only wish it to grow more and more with each passing year and to include new noble causes, and we at Timbark Bulgaria promise to continue to support it in the future.

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