Savina Tsukeva (Belcheva)

You donate to the causes of Pay Forward every time we bring out a new one. How are you doing it? What makes you support us?

One of the main life goals for the realization of the soul, apart from the purely evolutionary one, related to the creation of a family and children, is that of the contribution. About what you leave behind, how useful you can be not only for yourself and your loved ones, but also for the world and society as a whole. My personal mission is to share the "gifts" I receive and to add value to society. The causes of Pay Forward are another tool through which I can contribute to the world. What makes me support you? You two - Vanya and Joro! I don't think people follow just one cause, people follow the leaders of a certain idea. You are inspiring, pure, I feel your sincere desire to be helpful and really make a significant change to improve the lives of the elderly in the homes you have chosen to support. This charges and "infects" the people around you with good intentions!

What is your way of paying forward? Do you think that the act of donation should be visible to people?

There are many ways to pay forward - to share time with someone who needs to talk, to support a cause, to volunteer in initiatives with manual labor, with material assistance, I personally often get involved in various campaigns - I always donate clothes that do not I take it once a year (and recently I infected the children 😉) to homes or foundations that are in contact with those in need, for 6 years I have been actively involved in organizing and assisting self-knowledge seminars as a volunteer when I have the opportunity to help with something to someone - I immediately rush: D, we are walking with blind people in the South Park, and recently I "hooked" emotionally on the causes of Pay Forward and I'm super happy to find you!

Should the act of donation be visible or not? Um, of course, yes, I know this, why it's something known in advance. For some people and organizations this is important, for others it is not. It doesn't matter if you are visible or not, but that you really have it, that you have really invested in yourself so that someone else can feel happy. That you went beyond your front door. And if it is important for a person to receive recognition from others for this - so be it, everyone has different needs, the important thing is that he has devoted his time and resources to help someone else.

You run a serious business, you have a family, but you always find time to help. What advice would you give to people who have commitments but want to help?

Yes, my work is quite responsible, I deal with large infrastructure projects, and recently I have a large family, which takes up almost all my free time. But it's very simple - if you have a desire you will find a way, if you do not have a desire - excuses can be made from here to the end of the world. For example, last year I did not have the opportunity to physically embark on initiatives, but instead I financially support the causes that inspire me, and in your case, the people who inspire me.

My message to people is: Find the cause that inspires you and contribute to it in your own way! Whether it's financial, physical or intellectual, or some other way that suits you, as long as it makes you more satisfied that you've contributed, it makes sense.

If you could pay it forward, what would you do?

I believe that every day I pay forward with something even a little. Be it to the children through the knowledge I can give them, through the warmth I can share, be it to the colleagues in the office with support in challenging moments, through causes, meetings with people and sharing experiences and partnerships, a helping hand in need , empathy with causes like Предай нататък ... This inspires me and fills my day with meaning!

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