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What is the Pay Forward initiative for you?
An initiative that unites young families in the name of something good. The goodness that spreads Pay Forward is not only after each workshop, but also during each handmade thing. Common causes unite people and they themselves then contribute to their implementation.

"Pay Forward" is a small part of the heart of every person who, when united, help the whole of Bulgaria in various fields and sectors.

What is the emotion of running a Pay Forward workshop? You have been running a workshop for three years now 🙂
The emotion is extremely unforgettable, especially when you see the faces of every single person who has created something beautiful. It is especially nice when there are so many different workshops, people can't choose one and that's why they get involved in each one. Every artist in Bulgaria has the opportunity to do a little good by getting involved in this type of charity. This is how he will feel the most love from people. A whole day full of creative ideas and the fact that together we create something beautiful brings pleasure not only to the person who created it, but also to the person who received it.

You have been developing RestArt Fest in Berkovitsa for several years in a row. Tell us a little more about it. What attracts people? How do you change the environment of the people there?
The idea of the festival there is to develop the cultural view in this small town. So that both young and old can have fun. We make workshops for children, with which we develop their skills and creativity. We have also included a basketball tournament for the older ones, which makes them gather more often and communicate a little more. We are completing the completion of the workshops with movies and concerts to include both larger groups and talents from the Northwest. The whole euphoria of what will happen makes people be kinder, more creative and parents believe a little more in their children's skills. The gray city is changing into a beautiful, musical and colorful town, where people help each other so that the festival itself can take place.

Are there any of the causes of Pay Forward that have touched you the most? For the third year in a row, she has been helping a home for people with developmental problems in Berkovitsa?
Not a specific cause, although Berkovitsa is my hometown, the general idea is always stronger. I am most impressed by the fact that for each specific city or cause there is a list that people have determined for themselves and this is more valuable than anything else. Not every organization collaborates so well with every home in the cities. I think this shows how we should not think only of ourselves and focus on specific needs and problems to be solved.

I have a special sense of significance as a person when all causes are fulfilled, as in the case of "Pay Forward" and the fact that I am part of causes full of pleasant emotions and faces with smiles.

What is your way of paying forward?
The little things in everyday life that we do to each other is a path of good that should never stop.

Send us your contacts if you want to join as an artist or volunteer in the workshops of "Pay Forward" to: sneji@xplora.bg .

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