Svetlozar Dimitrov

About a year ago, I read a book that partly lamented that successful traders / companies should share their success by donating some of their profits to people in need.

In the reality of 2020, corporate success is measured in turnover and profits, but this book has shown me that sharing success "completes the picture." Gives another, greater value to the businesses we run!

So we started looking for causes to help financially and logistically, not once, but monthly and as long as our business can afford it.

My partner and I read a lot, we wrote to several organizations that raise funds for their causes, and to our surprise there were those who did not even respond to our proactivity and our desire to help.

In the beginning of September we accidentally or not met Joro Malchev and talking about eCommerce somehow the conversation reached begoodtoday. I asked for more information, I understood what energy he and his associates invest and immediately after the second meeting specifically organized on the topic I realized that we have found a cause.

I was impressed by the concept and what it gives. To donate and help different causes and thus change the environment for different groups of people. Through begoodtoday donating you have the opportunity to choose where to direct the funds. In the "common fund" or to help a specific cause.

How did we get involved?
Given the fact that we run a company that deals with courier and fulfillment services, we decided to determine the absolute value of our revenue on the basis of each shipment processed by us. So the more online stores we serve, the more we process and deliver their orders, the more money we will donate.

At the end of each month we will look at the "counter", which shows us how many shipments have passed through the international courier network we have built and we will multiply their number by BGN 0.02. This will lead to monthly donations of 1,000 to 2 BGN 000, and why not more.

So our shipments will have a cause, and we will all have another motivation to develop our business and customers!

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