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Vladimir Borachev from Mentoris

Vlado, Joro Malchev wrote to you about our cause for a festive lunch and dinner for the people in the homes we help. You answered in less than an hour with support for several festive evenings. But he also promised and immediately started acting for support from some of the largest Bulgarian companies. Please tell us more about why and how you support the cause.
The strength of a society is also measured by how it cares for children and the elderly. The moment I read about Pay Forward and the initiative for a festive lunch and dinner in nursing homes, the memory of my grandparents came to my mind. I talked to my wife, she said yes before I finished my proposal and we got involved. Every year we set aside part of the family budget for various causes and will continue to do so in the future. I'm glad we found Pay Forward, you're great! Donation is like good wine, over the years the pleasure of being able to support someone becomes stronger and better.

What is your way of paying forward?
By informing the people around me about the causes we support and I invite them to join. This is the easiest way to paying forward. In this case, I wrote to organizations with which we partner in professional life and there was a very positive reaction and involvement in the initiative.

You are one of the real leadership coaches. Joro Malchev often shares that he still remembers your lectures on leadership in the EMBA program at the American University in Bulgaria. Tell us more about yourself. What do people like you do and how do you create and develop leaders?
It is important for every organization to find its cause and build on it. This applies in full force to each individual. My cause is to support leaders to become better leaders and personalities so that they can do the same with the people on their teams. This is my way of paying forward and supporting the consolidation in Bulgaria of a positive work culture with a focus on people. I do this by provoking the leaders I support, taking them out of their comfort zone, and giving them the opportunity to look in the mirror and in the eyes of the people they work with. For this purpose I use individual and group coaching and mentoring sessions, personalized seminars and programs for management teams, teaching and inspirational lectures. In 2022, I plan to finish and publish my first book on leadership. I believe that each of us can help with a small step for a better professional environment and society.

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